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Personal stories from the people of First Euless

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Glen Kinney

Interestingly enough, I have always been in church and Sunday School. I remember as a youngster that I was taught that good people go to Heaven. I assumed that bad people did not. Anyway, I spent my life trying to be good and stay clear of trouble. After marriage to my hometown sweetheart, we were always involved in church activities and raised our children just as we had been taught – be good and go to church. One evening at a restaurant in North Dallas, a group of young people approached the group I was with and asked several of us if we had any idea what happened when you die. I was indignant and brushed them off. What business was it of theirs? That night’s experience never left me over the next few years, and I was always listening to other people’s experiences with the hereafter. We later changed churches, and at the new church, some people visited our home on a Tuesday evening. They began asking those same, familiar questions: what would happen if you died tonight? Where would you go? Obviously, everyone wants to go to Heaven, and I was in that contingent. I desired the correct destination, but I really had no idea of how to get there. I just had never been faced with the reality of death and what happens then. My life was filled with pleasing myself and taking care of my family. I worked hard and was, I thought, successful. We lived well and paid our bills, but how did we get to Heaven? I pored over in my mind all the good things that I had done and how I had never done the really bad stuff. I had developed some bad habits and had refined the art of stretching the truth, but nothing really bad.

We moved to Colleyville, and I thought that I had peace and contentment. I thought that I was a good father and a good husband. What more could I do? A couple of years later we were involved in a community-wide all-church revival. One evening as I was sitting with the choir, it seemed to me that the preacher was talking directly to me, and for the first time in my life, I felt a need to experience change. I don’t remember the message, but at the invitation, I literally jumped off the platform and went forward. My life changed at the moment that I made Jesus the CEO of it.

My life took on new meaning as I learned to trust in Christ and not in myself for everything I needed. I learned that I could never be good enough to earn the right to go to Heaven, and now I trusted Jesus to get me there. No more trying to be good. During the next few years, Christ brought many changes to my life. I began to consider how my words, actions, and thoughts might not always be pure and could injure others. Consideration of others instead of myself was big. My language began to change. Many personal habits took a new turn. I no longer was concerned with trying to please other people and be good. I was learning to commit each day to Christ and seek to please Him. Years of learning and growth resulting from the fine Biblical teaching here at FBCE have taught me that God must be first in my life and others second. Everything I have belongs to God and is on loan to me. I am responsible for what I do with what He has put in my care. I praise Him daily for the great gift of eternal life with Christ now and forevermore. Now my job is to share with others the truth entrusted to me. Praise His name!

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