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Personal stories from the people of First Euless

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Justin Williams


I grew up with two of the most Christian people I have ever know–my parents. Because our home was grounded in the Bible, God and the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection I knew all the answers and did the right things. However, even though I grew up so close to the truth I didn’t really understand an important truth that I now see many people don’t understand. Jesus said “Therefore be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect.” Matthew 5:28
I am a very stubborn person. I am also a very analytical person. With these two character traits combined, I turn out to be a person that believes that I can make it on my own in any and all circumstances. In the toughest situation I always had a plan for how to get out. For a long time I trusted myself to be good enough, to be tough enough, and to be able to make a difference. I realized that I was pursuing perfection, but I was never able to attain it. I finally realized the truth…no matter how hard I try, I will never be perfect on my own. 
The truth is Jesus said the only way that we can be saved from perfect judgment is to be in a perfect relationship with the perfect judge. But if I can’t attain perfection then I deserve judgement. Fortunately, this isn’t the whole story…
The Bible says it is by grace that we are saved. Salvation is a gift and it doesn’t have anything to do with my perfection. I could not offer God any good that would outweigh all my wrongs. My imperfection was the cause of my judgement, therefore the only thing I could do to be saved was to trust in someone other than myself. Someone who was perfect. Someone who could stand in my place before the perfect judge and take my blame.  Jesus is God. By wrapping Himself in flesh and coming to earth to sacrifice himself so that I wouldn’t be judged for my imperfection, he effectively made a way for me to be in a right relationship with God. So I chose to trust in Jesus Christ because His good could outweigh my wrongs.

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